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The Passive Income MD Podcast

Feb 27, 2023

Yes, even doctors make mistakes when it comes to their career and personal life. Mistakes can often become costly and so we try to avoid them at all costs. Although, no matter how careful we are, mistakes are inevitable…especially in our personal lives. The key is to minimize those issues by being conscious in...

Feb 20, 2023

Attending a Real Estate Conference is a little like speed dating. A big event gives you the opportunity to meet with various syndicators, operators, brokers, or investors.

Believing in the phrase “success leaves clues,” seek time at conferences with those who have years of experience.

Peter’s goal in attending...

Feb 13, 2023

Real estate investing involves risk. Any investment involves risk. 

That's why careful research and risk assessment are essential. It's impossible never to lose money, but you can reduce your risks with a few simple steps. 

In this episode, Dr. Peter Kim discusses the five things you can do before investing in passive...

Feb 6, 2023

In this episode, Dr. Kim interviews an amazing physician-entrepreneur, Dr. Renee Dua. In 2022, Dr. Dua launched HeyRenee, the first-ever healthcare assistant that combines human support with advanced AI to ease the burdens of healthcare.

Dr. Dua is also the co-founder of HEAL. Heal was founded on the principle idea that...